Parents for birth control

Over at Vox, Sarah Kliff has made some nice charts out of a recent JAMA study that looks at support for the Obamacare birth control mandate.  I was excited to see it broken down by parenthood, but I’d really love mothrs and fathers separately as most all my research shows that really matters.  Anyway:


Naturally, I went right to the JAMA article to learn more (i.e, boy, I would love to analyze this data).  Alas, they went to a lot of trouble in collecting data, but oddly to me, neglected to get some key variables:

Findings are potentially limited by lack of information about respondents’ political views, voter record, and religiosity

Ugh.  So much for that.  Actually, what confuses me is that this is a KnowledgeNetworks study and they actually already have the PID data on all their respondents.  Hmmm.  Anyway, as for the rest of the key findings:

 In this study, women, black, and Hispanic respondents were more likely to support coverage of birth control medication benefits than men, older respondents, and adults without children younger than 18 years. These findings may inform the ongoing national debate around the contraceptive coverage mandate.

Photo of the day

From Twisted Siftter:


© Thomas Wolf, | Facebook


In this beautiful photo by Thomas Wolf, we see the Bastei Bridge, situated above the Elbe River in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains of Germany. The Bastei rock formation towers 194 meters (636 ft) above the river and is a major landmark of the Saxon Switzerland National Park.

The original bridge, constructed in 1824, was made of wood but was replaced 27 years later in 1851 by the present bridge made of sandstone. It is 76.5 meters (251 ft) long and its seven arches span a ravine 40 meters (131 ft) deep. The spa town of Rathen is the main base for visiting the Bastei; the town can be reached from Dresden by paddle steamer on the river Elbe. [source]

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