Nice little piece on ABC News last night about the man behind the court case that restored Habeas rights to Guantanamo prisoners.

Glenn Greenwald has a great summary of the key issues.  This is my favorite part:

Those who voted for the Military Commissions Act of 2006
— all GOP Senators (except Chafee) and Democrats Jay Rockefeller, Ken
Salazar, Tom Carper, Mark Pryor, Tim Johnson, Bob Menendez, Frank
Lautenberg, Ben and Bill Nelson, Debbie Stabenow, and Joe Lieberman,
plus 219 GOP and 34 Democratic House members — were in favor of keeping people like Boumediene at Guantanamo indefinitely without any right of judicial review
The only reason Boumediene was released is because the Supreme Court
(by a 5-4 vote) ruled that law unconstitutional and he was thus able to
have a court review the evidence (i.e., the lack thereof) against him.

Does anyone object to the term "moral depravity" being applied to those in Congress who voted to keep completely innocent people
in cages for life without any opportunity to have a court review the
accusations against them?  If these members of Congress had their way,
these completely innocent individuals would still be encaged
at Guantanamo.

Gotta love Glenn calling it like it is.  Moral depravity does fit the bill quite nicely. 

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