Photo of the day

Well, here’s an interesting project– photos of children with their first (real) gun.  Learn more about it here.


Quick hits

1) How big is the universe?  Very big.

2) I love birds.  I love wind power.  Turns out these two things are not in nearly as much conflict as some have led us to believe.

3) As much as the NC legislature frustrates me, it could be worse.   I could be a professor in South Carolina.

4) Not surprising that athletes need optimum sleep for optimum performance.  Surprising that professional sports organizations with millions of dollars at stake have just figured this out.

5) The science behind various foods preventing cancer is really not so great.

6) Love this George Saunders graduation speech.

7) This is from a while back, but I just came across it.  The problem with much political journalism is “the view from nowhere.”

8) OMG sea otters are truly awful!

9) Ignorance of the law is an excuse if you are an NC Police officer.  Awful.

10) They physics of shooting a basketball.

11) Dahlia Lithwick on this week’s Supreme Court affirmative action decision.

12) Krugman on the anemic conservative response to Piketty.

13) Do the best professors get the worst evaluations?  Maybe.

14) The FCC ruling on net neutrality is awful.  The idea that we can count on the FCC to credibly regulate “commercially reasonable” is absurd on it’s face.  Vox on how this is a symptom of our broken politics (once again, the big powerful moneyed interests get their way and the needs of ordinary Americans are ignored).

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