Reefer madness

It was has to be about the dumbest NCAA rule (okay, probably not, there are few organizations with more dumb rules than the NCAA), Michigan basketball player has been suspended from his team for a year for testing positive for marijuana use.  Please!!  It’s not like it’s even close to being a performance-enhancing substance.  So, now McGarry is just going to leave college and head for professional basketball.  And who could blame him.  Well, that rule worked so well for student athletes.  Just so stupid.  More here.

Meanwhile, I listened to a Freakonomics podcast last week that looked at the relative harm of alcohol vs marijuana.  In no surprise at all to anybody who is paying attention, a comprehensive UK study found that alcohol causes way more harm than marijuana.  Politics being what it is, sadly, the British “drug czar” was fired for suggesting the government needs to ease up on marijuana.  Here’s the drug and harm chart:


In the end, you know what’s more harmful than illegal drugs?  People (politicians, police, the NCAA, schools, etc.,) being really stupid about illegal drugs.

Photo of the day

I love historic photos and I’m fascinated by WWI, so this In Focus gallery of WWI photos is right in my sweet spot.  So many amazing shots.  Here’s two of my favorites:

A German ammunition column, men and horses equipped with gas masks, pass through woods contaminated by gas in June of 1918.(National Archives/Official German Photograph) 


And this.  Mostly, because of all I’ve read and seen, somehow I’ve never come across “dazzle” camouflage before:

The USS Nebraska, a United States Navy battleship, with dazzle camouflage painted on the hull, in Norfolk, Virginia, on April 20, 1918. Dazzle camouflage, widely used during the war years, was designed to make it difficult for an enemy to estimate the range, heading, or speed of a ship, and make it a harder target. (NARA)

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