Video of the day (geocentrism!)

So, I had seen some vague reference to this on Facebook, but now I’ve followed through.  Pretty amazing/dumbfounding that somebody is so blinded by their biblical literalism that they have made a “serious” documentary to argue that the earth is the center of the universe.  And they have apparently (quite skillfully) weaved in commentary from physicists, etc., to make it look that they have the support of actual scientists.  Pretty amazing.  More here.

Photo of the day

From the Telegraph’s Pictures of the day:

Storm chaser Craig Eccles captured this stunning image of an electrical storm in Borden, 200 miles south east of Perth, Australia
Storm chaser Craig Eccles captured this stunning image of an electrical storm in Borden, 200 miles south east of Perth, AustraliaPicture: CRAIG ECCLES/SOLENT NEWS


So apparently Jeb Bush is making enough noise these days that the Slovakian media has decided it’s time to hit up their go-to guy on American politics.  As long as I’m sharing my thoughts with the readers of Slovakian Pravda, here they are for you…

1. If he runs for presidency his biggest problem is probably his surname, isn’t it? What his biggest asset?
I think you could make an argument that an equally big problem is his moderate position on both education policy, and especially immigration policy, which do not go over well with the more conservative elements (i.e., Tea Party) of the Republican Party. I personally have a hard time imagining someone on the record in such a moderate way actually winning the Republican Primaries—of which roughly half the voters are Tea Party supporters (i.e., express sympathy with the Tea Party). And his surname is definitely a big problem—especially so with these very same conservative voters. Now, Mitt Romney was among the most moderate of the Republicans in 2012, but he said everything the Tea Party wanted whether he actually believed it or not. Jeb Bush has not shown a similar inclination thus far. And they seem primed to distrust him because right-wing conservatives have largely rejected both his brother and his father.
His biggest asset is that the moneyed interests in the Republican Party—the one’s who largely supported Romney—appear to be big fans. You definitely need more than money to win the nomination, but strong support—both financial and otherwise—from “mainstream” or “establishment” Republicans goes a long way. With Chris Christie seemingly damaged, Jeb Bush also represents the strongest hope of the establishment wing of the Republican Party.
2. Would you say he will run or not, and why?
My guess—pure speculation—is that he will not run. He strikes me as a smart, astute politician who will recognize that to actually win the GOP nomination he will have to transform himself into a fundamentally different politician, ideologically speaking. Mitt Romney was willing to do so, but I suspect Jeb Bush is not. Just a guess, though.
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