Quick hits

Got quite busy with a Political Science conference this week (gone Thursday through late last night), but better late than never:

1) Thought this was a really interesting analysis of why Manchester United is performing so much worse without Alex Ferguson.

2) Great essay by Mike Konzal on the conservative myth of building a safety net on charity.  Just doesn’t get the job done.

But this conservative vision of social insurance is wrong. It’s incorrect as a matter of history; it ignores the complex interaction between public and private social insurance that has always existed in the United States. It completely misses why the old system collapsed and why a new one was put in its place.

3) Is American democracy on its way to extinction.  I think not, but I do wonder sometimes.  Interesting essay.

4) Not so easy to work your way through college at today’s tuition prices.

5) How the extreme right has had hugely disproportionate influence in Arizona government.

6) Latest research suggests that Black Death was not spread by fleas on rats.

7) The NCAA cracks down on cat mugs.

8) How a long span of a particularly wet climate may have been the key go Ghengis Khan’s conquests.  On a related note, I also learned that roughly .5% of the world population is a descendant of Genghis Khan.

9) John Dickerson on how Obama learned the value of panic when confronted by the ACA website failure.

10) Nice piece on the Honeymaid “wholesome families” campaign.

11) Found this Post article on the difficulty of filling jobs in an egg-processing plant a really interesting read.

12) A student sent me an email about the government saving millions of dollars just by switching fonts in official publications.  As I expected, it was a pretty faulty analysis.  I am fascinated by fonts, though.

13) The child-less Reihan Salam argues that we should raise taxes on the child-less.


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