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Some of my happiest early childhood memories were visits to Gatlinburg, Tennessee when visiting my grandmother in western North Carolina (Swannanoa , to be precise).  Probably haven’t been there since I was 10 or younger, but I sure remember riding up the side of a mountain on a skylift with my big sister.  Anyway, I knew there were fires in the area, but had not realized that the town itself was at risk.  In Focus with a photo gallery of the wildfires in the area:

Burned structures are seen from a National Guard helicopter near Gatlinburg on November 29, 2016.

Erik Schelzig / AP

Photo of the day

Just in case you somehow missed this, which is one of my favorite political photos ever:

President-elect Donald Trump and former presidential candidate Mitt Romney had dinner together Tuesday night amid reports that Romney was being considered as Trump's secretary of state.

Drew Angerer / Getty Images

Photo of the day

4/6 of the family on the day after Thanksgiving.  Pretty happy to get this with the 2 second self-timer on the camera.  There’s also a 12 second timer, but that takes the fun out of it.


Photo of the day

Donald Trump’s America.  Ugh.  Via Reuters and this tweet.

Photo of the day

Mysterious Celtic Cross has appeared in Irish forest.  Via Atlas Obscura.

Celtic Cross Donegal

Photo of the day

So Kal Penn and John Cho were at NC State today campaigning for Hillary Clinton.  And the local news station wanted to interview a professor about the Millennial vote just before interviewing these two, so…



Photo of the day

Recent National Geographic photo of the day:

A Flash in the Distance

Flashes of lightning illuminate the night sky above Lake Ontario, as seen from an overlook in Lyndonville, New York—located about an hour from the Canadian border at Niagara Falls.



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