Photo of the day

Love this National Geographic gallery of funny animal photos.

The tables are turned in Svalbard, Norway as this polar bear tries out its photography skills.




Photo of the day

This Wired gallery of photos from thrill seekers is really, really cool.

Surfer Bobby Okvist airs off the back of a wave in Newport Beach, CA. Photo by Benjamin Ginsberg.

Photo of the day

Osprey nest in front of my sister’s aforementioned house on the Potomac (technically, Mattox Creek, which feeds into the Potomac).

Photos by me.  Taken from a kayak.

Photo of the day

This Wired gallery of award-winning drone photography is awesome.

A polar bear leaps over water on sea ice in Canada, north of the Arctic Circle. Florian Ledoux captured this image from a drone last August while sailing around Lancaster Sounds and several fjords near Baffin Island. It nabbed him the title of Drone Photographer of the Year.  Florian Ledoux

Photo of the day

This shot from the California wildfires has been making the rounds on twitter.  Amazing.  Lots more good stuff from the photographer.

An air tanker makes a drop on the River fire in Scotts Valley, Friday August 3, 2018 near Lakeport. (Kent Porter / The Press Democrat) 2018

Photo of the day

Most intense fire-tornado ever!

A large pyrocumulus cloud (or cloud of fire) explodes outward during the Carr Fire near Redding, Calif., on July 27.  (Josh Edelson/AFP/Getty images)

Photo of the day

From a recent Atlantic photos of the week gallery:

Lightning dwarfs city lights as a distant thunderstorm passes by Dodge City, Kansas, on June 29, 2018. 

Charlie Riedel / AP
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