I am a political science professor at NC State. My research and teaching interests are in American politics. I also love science, good television, and books about anything but politics (I get enough of that on-line).   Most everything you might want to know about me can me found at my personal webpage: http://faculty.chass.ncsu.edu/shgreene/ I’ll be sharing my thoughts about all of the aforementioned topics, and whatever else happens to catch my interest, here.

I’ve moved this blog over to WordPress in May 2010, because my previous blogging service, Wolfblogs, at NC State is being discontinued.  I’ve imported all my old posts from wolfblogs, but if you are reading some older posts, you may find that the formatting seems a little off, images are missing, comments are missing, references to wolfblogs,  etc.  So that’s the story.  Mostly, I’m damn happy I was able to capture all my old content and bring it here, as wolfblogs is disappearing off the web at the end of 2010.

A short disclaimer related to the fact that I teach political science.  I have no interest in liberal indoctrination of my students.  I’m a great believer in the line, “everybody’s entitled to their own opinions, not their own facts.”  I’m strongly of the opinion that actually understanding these facts tends to lead people in a liberal policy direction (health care and over-incarceration being two great examples), but not always.  What I blog here is full of facts, but mostly my personal opinions and interpretations (formed, of course, through 11 years of being a professional political scientist).  Being a Political Science Professor is central to my identity, and that certainly doesn’t change when I blog, but lots of the stuff I say here, I would never actually say in class (though, plenty I would and do).  I consider this, a related, but nonetheless quite separate endeavor to what I do in the classroom.  Both, here and in the classroom, I am most interested in honest, open, and informed discussion of politics.

If you’re curious enough to be reading this file, please comment on some of the posts, or at least drop be an email sometime and let me know what you’re thinking.  Thanks!

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