A simple agenda?

Here’s Drum’s proposal for a simple, post-card size agenda for Democrats:

Works for me.  And here’s the thing, both Drum and I are center-left, policy wonk types, but other than quibbles with “real borders” (judging by the comments to Drum), this seems like something pretty much everybody across the liberal spectrum can endorse.  And, yeah, the devil is totally in the details on all this.  But that never stopped Republicans from proposing things.

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One Response to A simple agenda?

  1. Nicole K. says:

    I have a problem with promising “free healthcare” because there is no such thing. Health care will need to be paid for by someone because it does cost money to provide it. I’m not opposed to people paying something for their health care. I’d like to see the employer provided insurance exclusion subsidy eliminated and have everyone using a subsidized exchange system like we have with Obamacare. That would target the most help to people with the lowest incomes, and it would create very large very stable risk pools which would lower costs and not handcuff people to any employer because they need health insurance.

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