World’s largest Mosque?

I’m finding the new Sacha Baron Cohen show a bit hit and miss (I guess he’s always been), but damn is this segment a hit.  Enjoy.

Coolest map ever

If you haven’t yet checked out this NYT interactive map with precinct-level data, set aside and do so.  So much fun.  Could hardly even stop getting my 12-year from exploring it with me tonight so he would go to bed.  (We especially loved the random voter island feature).  I also loved looking up everywhere I’ve ever lived (reddest = Southwestern Lubbock, Texas). The accompanying article on the highlights of the map is terrific too.  So many cool patterns.  Here’s the pattern in the South.  it’s almost as if race matters in America.

If you are out of NYT articles for the month, find a way– just too cool.  I’m definitely going to be having fun with this in many future political science classes.

And, because my son Evan was shocked to realize just how geographically concentrated the Democratic population is (and you should hear him rant against all the racist white people), here is a map that I showed him of counties which comprise half the population of the US (grew up in one, went to grad school in one, live in one):

Map of US 50 percent

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