Apparently, my dissertation was short

I happen to know of the top of my head that my dissertation was 199 numbered pages and 212 Word document pages.  Coincidentally, someone studying for a PhD in Germany actually emailed me to ask for a copy this week.  Anyway, just came across this cool link that shows the average dissertation length by discipline.  The median PS dissertation appears to be about 250 pages.  Not surprisingly, historians take the cake, but I was surprised that PS came in 3rd.  Don’t feel like writing much?  Biostatistics.  If you click through, you get see a larger copy of the chart:

How long is the average PhD dissertation?

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One Response to Apparently, my dissertation was short

  1. Deborah Ferry says:

    Interesting. My dissertation in chemistry was 177 pages which looks to be about average for the field. It seemed like a very long 177 pages to write, however.

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