The most depressing chart I’ve ever seen

Seriously.   Via the Teaching Speaks Volumes blog.  Just keep looking all the way down to the bottom:

And a little spot-on commentary:

The joke in education has always been, “Thank God for Mississippi.” However, they are actually better than the national average over the last decade in slowing the teachers’ salary slide. Our apologies, Mississippi.

Our nation’s teachers who see this data are likely saying, “Thank God we’re not in North Carolina”.

Governor McCrory should be concerned that North Carolinian teachers of all political persuasions are starting to agree.

I must admit, making fun of Mississippi and Alabama is always a go to comparison for me in my classes.  How depressing to think that the teachers in these states can be thinking “Thank God we’re not in North Carolina.”

And, in all fairness, Democrats were in power in this state for most of the past decade, but it sure has not gotten better since Republicans took over the legislature in 2010.

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