The Inside dope on health care

So, I had a conversation with a Senate staffer friend last night, and it was plenty depressing on the health care front.  Like me, he still believes that ultimately the logic of passing a bill will win out, but it's hard to have any confidence in this now.  Every single Democrat needs to realize that it is in their own self interest politically (regardless of the fact that this is desperately needed policy) to pass this.  My friend was only slightly depressed by the attitudes of Senators, what was really depressing was just how incredibly stupid so many Democratic House members were (his girlfriend works on the House side).  A bunch of them had no idea how reconciliation actually works and seem absurdly willing to drop health care reform if they don't get exactly what they want.  As for those liberals in safe seats, they need to think about how it feels to be a minority rather than a majority party member.  My friend also agreed that Obama needs to take some more active leadership on this.  He needs to knock some heads of House members, in particular.  Either they want health reform or they don't.  


Almost zero tolerance

 (Photo by Flickr user pasukaru76 under creative commons licence)  

 Via one of my new blog reads:

A Staten Island fourth-grader was reprimanded and almost
suspended yesterday when the principal spotted him playing with a LEGO
policeman and a two-inch-long toy gun during lunch, the Advance reports.

Under the city’s no-tolerance policy regarding guns in schools, PS
52 Principal Evelyn Matroianni brought 9-year-old Patrick Timoney to
her office and called his mother to say the boy might be suspended for
carrying the miniature toy gun to school.

 Wow.  That's all I can say.  You all know my thoughts on zero tolerance, but a lego gun.  Seriously?!  Well, actually very good to see that reasonable judgment ultimately prevailed.  Though, I suppose this is going on the kid's permanent record.   Couldn't help but think about this while playing with a Lego rebel alliance fighter (i.e., the good guys in Star Wars) and his gun last night.  

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