How Millenial are you?

Pretty cool on-line quiz from Pew, based on a recent survey of theirs.  On a 0-100 Millenial scale, I score a 16.  Apparently I need to text message more and watch less TV.  Not to mention stop reading the newspaper.  And have more desire for a lucrative job. Anyway, the results of the survey which you can see your scores in relation to at the end of the quiz are quite interesting– definitely give it a try.  Oh, I need more piercings and tattoos, too.  You know what, I'm pretty happy not being very millenial.


Health Care Summit today

What amuses me about the Health Care summit today is the way in which so many media outlets are covering this as if it is something it totally is not.  This is entirely about political optics and using those optics to get dithering (and therefore stupid) Congressional Democrats fully on board.  I can't believe all the media types who talked about Republicans suggesting compromises, etc.  If you think there's anything Obama can do to get a single Republican vote on real (i.e., not the pretend proposals like the Republican credit-card approach) reform, I've got a bridge to sell you.  Obama knows this, Democrats know this, smart observers know this, yet somehow many journalists either don't or are pretending not to.  I'm not a big fan of journalists pretending.  Of course, these journalists also don't know what to do about the fact that they weeks ago convinced themselves that serious health care reform is dead, despite evidence to the contrary.  Oh, it may die alright, but there's very much a pulse.  The most important thing about this summit is thus changing the media narrative.  I don't plan on watching any of it (I'm sure Jon Stewart will have some good highlights making Republican ideas look stupid), what I care about is the headlines tomorrow.  Sort of like a presidential debate, actually.  

If you need more pre-summit analysis, you know what to do… Read Klein and Cohn.  


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