Bloggers are (much) smarter than Congressional Dems

The most frustrating thing since the election of Scott Brown has been the absurd panic of so many Democrats in Congress in trying to run away from a health care bill they have already voted for.  Hopefully, the results of a new poll should give them some spine.  Via Ezra:

A new poll shows that opinions of Democrats rise slightly if they pass a health-care bill. That's even truer among independents.
The rise is well within the margin of error, but it's a rise
nonetheless. More important, almost, is the fact that it's not a drop.
A lot of Democrats are afraid that passing the bill will anger the
electorate. This poll offers no evidence for that view.

Rather, Democrats don't suffer for passing this bill. They excite
their base, impress some independents and get to promote an
accomplishment rather than apologize for a failure. Oh, and they make
life a lot better for millions and millions of Americans. So what're
you waiting for, Dems? Pass. The. Bill.

I also think it's kind of cool that the poll is from Raleigh's own Public Policy Polling, which made a big splash as a new, and surprisingly accurate pollster during the 2008 campaign.  I really like Matt Yglesias' take on this.  He argues, quite correctly I believe, that is all about narrative:

The question is whether you’d rather get hit for your participation in
a discredited failure that’s been abandoned by its own architects, or
whether you’d rather get hit for participation in a controversial but
successful effort to fulfill the decades-long promise of universal
health care? I don’t think it’s even close. If the bill passes, that
generates a positive narrative around the bill that can compete with
the negative narrative. If it fails, then you’ve got all the negative
narratives but you also add on a new bonus negative narrative of gridlock and failure.

Again, if Democrats fail to pass this they are truly so stupid they don't deserve to govern.  Sadly, I fear there's a relatively good chance that this is true.

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