Net Neutrality in Trump world

Say what you will about net neutrality (and pretty much everybody but Trump’s moronic minions) think we need to keep it, but, this offical FCC tweet is so Trumpian:

I might add:

war is peace
freedom is slavery
ignorance is strength

Presumably, this will ultimately redound negatively to the Republican party.  Certainly among younger Americans who they are already losing in droves.  I think the predictions of doom are probably (hopefully) overwrought, but of course the big companies that pushed for this are going to see what they can get away with.  And that’s when it gets interesting.  Say Spectrum starts slowing down Netflix or slowing down everybody but Hulu or whatever.  I would imagine at that point, there would really be some massive political backlash that might make even Republican members of Congress take note.  Okay, probably not them.  They are fine passing laws the public hates.  When the Democrats next control Congress, though, (I’m thinking a very good chance on that for 2020), I do think we will actually see a law should the internet providers abuse their power.  All that said, this is just so stupid and shows such utter Trumpian/Republican disdain for 1) good policy, and 2) what the American people actually want.

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