Minor consolation

Okay, I am really, really pleased that Doug Jones won.  And it does make it that harder for Republicans to get some of their planned awfulness through the Senate.  And, yet.  I still feel somewhat sickened that a man so abominably unfit to serve, was in a hair’s width of winning a Senate seat.  And the only thing that stopped him was multiple, credible allegations of being a serial sexual predator in his past.  If not for that, the people of Alabama would have elected an unreconstructed, unapologetic, bigoted, dishonest, sexist, xenophobic, authoritarian theocrat with literally no respect for the rule of law of the Constitution.  That we had to be saved from that by his ephebophilia (not pedophile, damnit, I wish people would get that right!) is ultimately pretty depressing to me.  As I saw somebody mention, Trent Lott basically got run out of the Senate for saying things were better under Jim Crow.  Moore, meanwhile, praised the days of slavery and thinks we’d be better off without the amendments after the 10th (i.e., those that, among others, gave rights to Blacks and women).  So, sure I’m celebrating Jones’ win, but it is pretty damn muted.  These are not great days for America.

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