Republicans really love the electoral college now

Check out this chart from Gallup:

Amending the Constitution in Favor of the Popular Vote to Determine Presidential Elections, by Political Party

I always like to annotate my rants against the electoral college by saying “proudly ranting against the electoral college since 1998” to make clear that it is not about any partisan advantage or disadvantage, but rather the profoundly un-democratic nature of the institution that essentially leaves the vast majority of the American public out of the presidential election.   Had Hillary Clinton won the electoral college and lost the popular vote I’d be damn glad she were president-elect, but still, of course, very much thinking the electoral college needs to go.  Alas, it seems that seeing their candidate lost the popular vote by a substantial margin, but sneak into office with narrow majorities in three states, Republicans really love the electoral college now.  Is a little intellectual/logical consistency to much to ask for in politics?  Yes, apparently.

About Steve Greene
Professor of Political Science at NC State

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