Would Jesus have hated marijuana?

Enjoyed Gallup’s latest on public opinion on marijuana.  At this point it seems that most everybody is on-board except really religious people.

Specifically, subgroups whose support for legalization exceeds the national average by 10 or more percentage points include those with no religious preference (89%), self-identified liberals (84%), Democrats (81%), young adults (79%) and those who seldom or never attend religious services (78%).

Groups whose support is at least 10 points below the national average include those who attend church weekly (46%), conservatives (49%), Republicans (51%), older adults (53%) and Hispanic adults (56%).

Also, old people:

Given the importance of ideology and age in predicting individuals’ support for marijuana legalization, ideological subgroups of different ages show some of the largest intergroup differences in attitudes.

At every age level, conservatives are less likely than moderates or liberals to support making marijuana legal. However, majorities of younger conservatives (those under age 50) favor legalization, compared with 32% of older conservatives.

With public views like this, it really is only a matter of time till national policy fundamentally changes.  Until then, Democrats should absolutely work harder to make this a wedge issue.  I honestly think part of the problem is that national Democratic leadership is just so old and it’s hard to get over that “reefer madness” stuff.  

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