Really short Dobbs for Slovaks

So, so much to say.  But, mostly, just taking it all in today.  That said, since I cannot disappoint the Slovaks depending on my American politics takes, I’ll at least share that here for now:

My questions are as follows:

As the Supreme Court strikes down Roe vs Wade, what kind of affect it might have on the political landscape in the US? And, BTW, I don’t know if you wanna address this, but how do you assess this verdict? As a legal one or perhaps more as a political one?

And my response…

1) This is a massive effect on the U.S. political landscape.  Now, I cannot say exactly how, but I can say this will substantially re-orient American politics around abortion and reproductive rights in ways heretofore unknown.  We will have policy debates in state after state over… banning abortion, codifying abortion protection, 6 week bans, 15 week bans, and everything in between.  We will have some states attempt to prosecute citizens for going to neighboring states to obtain an abortion where it is legal.  We will have states try and prevent its residents from important abortion drugs through the mail.  We will have federal and state election campaigns emphasize abortion and related issues in ways never before.  How this all turns out, nobody really knows, but this truly is an earthquake to American politics.
2) I will save the legal/constitutional analysis for such scholars, though I do think it is nevertheless fair game to say it is a big deal to overturn a 50-year old Constitutional precedent.  That’s not to say it should never be done, but it should certainly be done so judiciously.  Another important issue is just what this decision may portend for future decision on similar constitutional issues like the right to privacy (specifically, whether adults can obtain birth control of their choice) and laws around same-sex marriage and relationships.  

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