Can’t we “follow the process” and still get kids vaccinated sooner?

It seems kind of crazy to me that we just absolutely know that the FDA will soon approve the vaccine for kids 5-11 and then the following week the CDC will make it official and we’ll be able to start vaccinating our elementary-age kids about two weeks from now.  But we know this is going to happen (seriously– I’d bet tens of thousands of dollars on this; all the data/information we need to know that this is going to happen is already out there) and yet we’re just waiting a couple for for “the process.”

I mean we are literally already doing everything to have the doses and logistics in place once it’s approved.

 Well, of course we need a process and it needs to be a damn good one before we start injecting out kids with potentially harmful substances (and, yes, of course vaccines can cause harm if we don’t go through proper testing and evaluation).  But, we’ve basically already done all this process and we’re just sitting here waiting without it seemingly serving any benefit.  It may be that not a single additional kid dies because we wait another couple weeks, and yes, some kids will get sick. But, it does seem to me there’s a strong likelihood that some kids will get infected and spread it to some adults that gets Covid and die because we waited another couple weeks when we have all the information we need to get this done now.  

The FDA panel just met yesterday to approve Moderna boosters and heterologous boosters (mRNA booster, here I come). Why not meet again today.  Why wait a week.  Why is ACIP not meeting till 8 days after the FDA.  We’ve got a pandemic here!  We’re trying to save lives.  

To be clear, of course the FDA, and CDC need to do their full review.  But I’ve yet to see a compelling explanation for why it could not happen on a faster time schedule.  Let’s get the kids vaccinated already!

About Steve Greene
Professor of Political Science at NC State

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