Why Europe has outpaced the US in vaccinations

Didn’t really love the frame of this NYT Upshot feature (nice graphics, though). “How Europe, After a Fumbling Start, Overtook the U.S. in Vaccination: Just a few months ago, European Union efforts were a mess, but its problems were temporary. The United States turned out to have the more lasting challenge.”

I mean if the US weren’t so full of anti-vaxxers (and non-vaxxers, to be more charitable), we could be crushing the EU.  But, alas…  I mean it’s really straightforward: the US really was way better at rapid vaccine roll-out.  But, over the long-term, success is almost completely dependent not upon initial speed, but on population attitudes towards the vaccine. And that’s where we suck, in perspective.  So, some interesting stuff along the way, but, in the end, this one chart tells you pretty much everything you need to know about current and ultimate vaccination levels:

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One Response to Why Europe has outpaced the US in vaccinations

  1. R. Jenrette says:

    The American booboisie – one strain in American culture from the beginning. No surprise the current version are vaccine doubters.

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