Get a dog

Sure, should just be a quick hit, but I love this study:

Living in a home with a dog may be linked to healthier psychological development in young children, researchers report.

Australian scientists collected data from 1,646 parents of 3- to 5-year-old boys and girls on various socio-demographic factors — siblings, sleep time, screen time, parents’ level of education, work status and so on. They also gathered information on dog ownership, active play with the dog and family dog walking. And they used a well-validated scale to measure the social and emotional development of the children.

The study, in Pediatric Research, found that after adjusting for other factors, compared to children without dogs, those who had them were about 30 percent less likely to have conduct problems, 40 percent less likely to have difficulty relating to peers, and 34 percent more likely to show pro-social behavior. There was no association of dog ownership with emotional difficulties or hyperactivity.

Even most Republicans are wearing masks

Many Republican politicians are absolutely deplorable on this.  And, of course, anti-science, anti-mask activists are just catnip for the media and get way more attention than they are due.  And, there’s a very meaningful and concerning partisan gap.  But a very important and under-appreciated fact is that even a solid majority of Republicans are actually wearing masks (and almost all Democrats).  Via Gallup:


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