Republicans’ alternate Covid reality

You know, it’s really okay for Democrats and Republicans to have different opinions and concern levels about Covid.  The disease, thus far, has been far more prevalent in urban areas and far more prevalent (proportionately) among non-white people.  Given the partisan distributions and the fact that we are naturally more concerned about things when they are clearly in our communities and affecting people we know, it’s not unreasonable for Republicans to be less concerned about Covid.

You know what is unreasonable?  Being 100% factually wrong on the reality of Covid that is being reported day-after-day-after-day in accurate media (e.g., the non Fox News, “lamestream” media).  Gallup with some surveys about what people believe about the virus:

Fact: Covid is more lethal than the flu.  You might as well answer that Covid-19 is not caused by a virus.  Or, I don’t know, that climate change is substantially influenced by human activity.


Everything we know tells us that cases are being under-reported, if anything.  There’s no world (except on Fox, I think) where cases are actually over-reported.  That is, of course, unless you are a Republican.

Republicans are living in their own reality on Covid and it’s the wrong one.  Of course, that makes all the more harder to come to the right solutions.  No point taking an umbrella outside if Fox News tells you it’s not raining.  Ugh.

About Steve Greene
Professor of Political Science at NC State

4 Responses to Republicans’ alternate Covid reality

  1. homeys44 says:

    Weird how these pollsters always tend to measure something that conservative people are mis informed about, but never liberals. Must mean that liberals aren’t misinformed about anything. They know all about C-19. Bless our wonderful MSM for never giving bad info.

    • Steve Greene says:

      I don’t have the study handy, but it’s not hard to find polling questions where liberals are more inaccurate (usually motivated reasoning about the economy). What’s striking is that on the far-and-away pre-eminent issue of the day, many Republicans are living in a false reality (of course, they are also in the false reality where Trump is remotely competent).

      • homeys44 says:

        Interesting. I wonder if you polled “is the death rate for covid over age 60 about the same as under 60?…..what would be the answers from liberals. Or “is the mortality rate form Covid closer to the flu or the 10%?”. Or “have less or more than 100,000 children died from Covid?”. I can think of lots of these that would probably show that liberals aren’t as smart as they think. But pollsters never seem to ask them.

      • Steve Greene says:

        Dare I say…. good point.

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