The end of the Iowa caucuses as we know it?

Maybe.  I’ve loved seeing all the takes on-line today from influential journalists, etc., and really seems like doing away with the preferential treatment for IA and NH in the Democratic primaries is at a tipping point.  I’d almost put it this way– if those doesn’t actually lead to change, nothing will.  But, I’m not quite sure we’ll get the change so obviously needed.

As with almost everything in politics and policy, the status quo exists because entrenched interests have worked hard to keep it that way.  And the NH players will fight just as hard as Iowa, as they know that if Iowa loses it’s place of privilege, NH inevitably will  as well.  And these entrenched interests will certainly fight harder than ever now against efforts within the DNC (where the power to change this ultimately lies) to bring about the needed change.  I’m hopeful that we’ll get the change, but, never write off an entrenched, highly-motivated minority fighting for it’s political life.

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