Questions Democrats should have

Frank Bruni’s got questions in his latest newsletter.  I certainly hope Democrats ask versions of these:

If I were a Democratic senator, I’d ask Trump’s lawyers:

Can you point me to a few other countries — to one other country — where the president and his immediate aides have shown such direct and intense interest in corruption as they did in Ukraine?

Can you talk me through why, apart from that country’s appearance in conspiracy theories related to the 2016 election and its potential to smear Joe Biden unfairly, the president was so focused on corruption there?

Can you show me where in the Constitution it says that presidential impeachment proceedings should be reserved for years in which there’s no presidential election? (My column last weekend took aim at the argument that a Senate conviction of Trump and his removal from office would usurp voters’ rights.) If you can’t, please tell me why Republicans are such strict interpreters of the Constitution on some matters and, suddenly, such liberal interpreters here?

Can you explain Rudy Giuliani? Can anyone explain Rudy Giuliani?

You or other allies of the president’s have alternately argued that there’s no persuasive evidence that he conditioned vital aid to Ukraine on a political favor and that such a transaction doesn’t rise to the level of an impeachable offense. Which is it? Pick a horse. Just so we can accurately understand, once the president’s foreordained acquittal comes, the judgment the Senate made, the precedent it set and the message it sent. History deserves this.

Can you explain Ken Starr? Can anyone explain Ken Starr?

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