Climate change in two charts

Another post I meant to do a couple weeks ago.  Drum posted his top charts of 2019.  I found these two on climate change particularly compelling:

1. CO2 Emissions

What’s important about this chart is not that CO2 emissions are rising. What’s important is they’re rising at the same rate as they have for the past 50 years. Despite decades of warnings from scientists and calls to action from activists, the world has collectively done nothing. This is a word I use advisedly. It’s obviously not literally true that we’ve done “nothing,” but given the scale of the problem and the meagerness of our response, we’re so close to nothing as hardly to make a difference. Among other things, this is why I think it’s time to stop kidding ourselves that just a few more warnings will do the trick. They won’t.

Here’s a bonus climate change chart. Back in 2006 Al Gore released An Inconvenient Truth and everyone said we were finally having a climate moment. More than a decade later, public urgency about climate change has barely budged. Keep this in mind when someone tries to tell you that Greta Thunberg will finally get us all to pay attention.

Not exactly encouraging.  Nuclear fusion anyone?

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Professor of Political Science at NC State

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