They are all Putin’s puppets, damnit

Meant to write this post in frustration before Thanksgiving, but, you know… life.  Anyway, it’s bad enough that Trump is so clearly Putin’s puppet, but, in embracing Russian propaganda in their absurd and bad-faith defenses of them, the whole damn party has turned themselves into Putin’s puppets.


60 Minutes had a great feature on the Russian efforts to influence the 2016 election.

And Fresh Air had a great interview with the founders of Fusion GPS, who were very concerned about Trump’s connections with Russians well before he was elected.

It truly is hard not to see the actions of people like Pompeo, listen to the 60 Minutes report and Fresh Air interview and not reasonably conclude that the Russians have basically succeeded beyond their wildest dreams in not only helping install an American president to serve their interests, but in corrupting his whole damn political party to that end.  It really seems more like the stuff of cold war fiction, but, alas, is seemingly America’s reality.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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