One graph to rule them all

Okay, not quite (mostly, I just love the “to rule them all” phrase) but you could do a lot worse than this graph for understanding core features of American politics today.

It’s in a nice NYT story about the changing demographics of Yakima, WA and how that’s affecting it’s politics.  Short-version: the future belongs to the non-white and and a lot of the white folks are not too happen about it.

Actually ties in very well with an EJ Dionne column from today:

Two questions are asked again and again: How can white evangelical Christians continue to support a man as manifestly immoral as President Trump? And how can congressional Republicans refuse to condemn Trump’s thuggish effort to use taxpayer money to intimidate a foreign leader into helping his reelection campaign?

The answer to both relates to power — not just the power Trump now enjoys but also to the president’s faithfulness to a deal aimed at controlling American political life for a generation or more. Both evangelicals and Republican politicians want to lock in their current policy preferences, no matter how much the country changes or how sharply public opinion swings against them. As a party, the GOP now depends on empowering a minority over the nation’s majority.

This is reflected in its eagerness to enact laws restricting access to the ballot in states it controls. Rationalized as ways to fight mythical “voter fraud,” voter-ID statutes and the purging of voter rolls are designed to make it harder for African Americans, Latinos and young people to vote. The new electorate is a lot less Republican than the old one. The GOP much prefers the old one… [emphasis mine]

They know they are losing ground in public opinion on issues such as same-sex marriage. An older group than the country as a whole, they are also in demographic decline as our nation grows more ethnically, racially and religiously diverse.

So, yeah, you could do a lot worse than that graph in explaining what’s going on with the Republican party today.

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