Marijuana will be fully legal before long

There’s really only so long older Republicans can push back against a tide of public opinion that looks like this– the latest from Pew:

And, you break it down by party and generation.  And, it really is pretty much just older Republicans still opposed:

Republicans in Silent Generation least likely to favor legalizing marijuana use

Finally, what I found noteworthy, is the strong support for “recreational” use.  A lot of polling doesn’t necessarily break this out, just reporting topline “make legal” numbers, but support for recreational use has actually been well under 50% for most all this time.  Not anymore:

Now, there are real potential harms from marijuana, so we should actually try and be smart about how we legalize it (hey, I’ve got an idea, learn from the laboratory of federalism), but it’s hard to look at public opinion data like this and think anything other than that marijuana will be widely legal before all that long.

About Steve Greene
Professor of Political Science at NC State

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