It’s Trump’s party in ways big and small

Phil Berger, our NC State Senate president and easily the most powerful figure in the state after the governor, may have been illegally using campaign funds to pay for his mortagage.  He seems to have a good defense about the elections board signing off, but campaign funds used to pay his mortgage does not look good.  Even if Berger is totally above-board here, an investigation seems reasonable and not frivolous.

What stood out to me was the response from the NC GOP:

But Dylan Watts, the Senate Republicans’ political director at the NC GOP, said Wednesday morning that Hall’s claims are baseless because Berger already got the state elections board’s approval.

Watts said Berger got that approval once while the elections board was led by Kim Strach during Republican Gov. Pat McCrory’s term, and again under the leader appointed under Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper, Karen Brinson Bell.

This is just another example of Bob Hall being a bottom-feeder and a scumbag,” Watts said.[emphasis mine]

Now that’s the party of Donald Trump.  I know Bob Hall just a bit, but suffice it to say he’s a long-time champion of good government and, most definitely, not a “scumbag.”  I get Watt’s role, but how about “another baseless allegation from Bob Hall who has proved himself to be nothing more than a partisan hack.”  Okay, not true either.  But “scumbag” in a statement tot the press?  Really?  Alas, this is Donald Trump’s party in every way.

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