Impeachment for Slovaks

Sorry for the lack of blogging.  Busy, busy week.  I blame my students :-).  Anyway, my latest thoughts for my Slovakian journalist correspondent:

How do you assess an impeachment process so far, do you think that the Democrats are making a strong case for a impeachment or maybe not so much, and why?
I have been very impressed by how the Democrats have conducted the process so far.  By all objective accounts, they have accumulated a substantial amount of truly damning testimony that well exceeds the historical bar for impeachment and shows very clear abuse of the office and undermining of American national security for President Trump’s perceived personal gain.  The testimony of officials approved of and appointed to their roles by the Trump administration such as Ambassador Taylor and Lt Col Vindman show clearly impeachable acts and thoroughly undermine all substantive defenses of the president’s misconduct.  The fact that Republicans are not even really offering a substantive defense, but instead offer little more than bad faith arguments about “process” is very telling.  The Democrats have collected all this strong evidence in closed door sessions (at which Republicans were fully included, despite their protestations to the contrary) and will now presumably be ready to present the evidence in public in a most compelling and censorious.  Ultimately, impeachment is a political, not criminal, judgment and now Republicans may be starting to argue that what the president has done does not rise to the level of impeachment plus removal from office, but by any fair reading of the history of impeachment, a president abusing his office and undermining national security for personal benefit most clearly does.

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One Response to Impeachment for Slovaks

  1. R. Jenrette says:

    Agree. Instead of holding the line on Russian expansion, pressure was used to weaken our ally who is essentially the U.S. proxy for the sake of personal gain by the President.

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