The Republican Party is fantastically corrupt and cowardly

Look at these current headlines:

We’ve got self-dealing on an absolutely brazen and unprecedented scale; we’ve got an admission of a gross abuse of power quid-pro-quo, and we’ve got us in a total foreign policy fiasco with Turkey.  And what do Republicans have to say about it all?  Not much.  Just imagine if any one of these things was going on from a Democratic president.

This is not about tax cuts.  This is not about disagreements on environmental regulation.  This is not even about legistimate disagreements on presidential power.  This about gross, rule-of-law-defying abuses of presidential power.  This is about basic democracy under threat (not hyperbole) stuff.  And Republicans just shrug their shoulders out of a combination of corruption and cowardice.  Not Okay!   There really are more important things than political power; though, it seems preciously few Republican officeholders seem to feel this way.  This is literally how democracies die.  I think we’ll make it, but if it were up to current Republicans, we would not.

About Steve Greene
Professor of Political Science at NC State

One Response to The Republican Party is fantastically corrupt and cowardly

  1. R. Jenrette says:

    Maybe a history review about 1930s Germany would help them understand the dangers.
    The good news is that this administration is ones of those gangs that don’t know how to shoot straight.

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