The great thing about Jesus was his love for the rich and comfortable

What I think is just some random dude on Facebook (Matt Waltz) shared this and presumably it went viral, as a friend of mine shared it.  So good:

To the majority of evangelicals in this country:

When you tell the good news of a savior who commanded you to take care of the least of his brethren, and then support locking kids in cages because their parents crossed an imaginary line in the sand – we notice

When you quote a book that talks about the near impossibility of a rich man receiving salvation, but support economic policies that prop up the wealthy by taking resources from the poor – we notice

When you profess the importance of turning the other cheek, while seeking to take away the livelihood of people who don’t stand for a patriotic song, don’t put your lord’s name on their coffee cup, or otherwise disagree with you politically – we notice

When you talk about passing legislation to preserve the sanctity of marriage, yet do so by voting in politicians who serially cheat on their spouses – we notice

When you preach a gospel that says that the greatest commandment is love, yet you cheer on leaders who personally attack and belittle their opponents like playground bullies – we notice

If you’re complaining that people in this country are turning away from Christianity, take some time to think about why. You are known by your fruits

Also, right after reading this, I read about a man who spent almost his entire life in America, but since he was not a citizen and he committed crimes (for which he has served his sentences) was was sent back to the country of his parents where he had never been– Iraq.  Where, among other things, they persecute Christians like him.  And where it’s not easy to get insulin for your Type I diabetes.  He died.  But, that’s okay, say the judges who sent him there, he’s a criminal.  Well, then.  And, I’m sure that’s plenty good for all the “Christians” who so zealously support the president and his utterly inhumane and un-Christian policies like this.

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