The Concentration Camps

I cannot remember which person I follow on twitter posted this, but to paraphrase the sentiment… imagine being more concerned about the terminology for a place in America where children are denied soap and toothbrushes and a decent place to sleep than being concerned about the fact that our government is denying children in America soap and toothbrushes and a decent place to sleep.   There’s many words to describe that.  Deplorable is certainly one.  Callous indifference to the point of evil works, too.

Some on-point tweets:

And a nice piece from NPR’s Scott Simon:

If you knew of a child who was being forced by a parent or guardian to sleep on a cold concrete floor, in overcrowded surroundings, with screaming lights always on overhead that made it hard to sleep, with limited access to a bathroom, no way to brush their teeth, no soap and no towel — would you do something?

Call the police or juvenile authorities to say, “A child is being mistreated. You should do something.”

This week, the U.S. government went to court to argue that it’s acceptable to keep thousands of migrant children detained in U.S. custody.

Let me repeat that: thousands of children in U.S. custody, exactly in such conditions…

Many of us would call the police if we knew children were being held in cold, cramped, filthy and uncomfortable circumstances. Thousands of children are being held in those conditions — in U.S. government facilities.

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One Response to The Concentration Camps

  1. R. Jenrette says:

    Maybe they could get some used mattresses from the Trump hotels? I recall that one of his cabinet secretaries wanted one for himself so how bad they could be?
    America – no longer the good guys. How some would scream if Iran or Isis was doing this.

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