Our criminal justice system is so broken

John Pfaff summed up this great twitter thread from Radley Balko thusly:

Man forced to plead guilty to a drug charge he was innocent of bc it would take months to clear his name, while he lingered in jail and lost his job and home. This isn’t cruel indifference. This is active malice.

But you really, really should read Balko’s whole thread.

Did you read it?  Do it.

But the point is that this is everyday horribleness.  This is how our system works.  It absolutely screws over poor and disadvantaged people constantly because that is how the system is designed and, individual actors in the system pervasively fail to account for the humanity of the people they are dealing with.

Yes, mass incarceration is awful.  Yes the war on drugs is an absurd slow-moving human tragedy.  But, damnit, the whole damn system is an out-of-control unfeeling machine that constantly, needlessly ruins people’s lives.

Honestly, this scene came to mind when thinking about all this:

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