I’m so done with Biden

No, I’m not going to hold him responsible for stuff he said or did 30 or 40 years ago.  I’m going to hold him responsible for who he is today and how he sees the political world today.

First, I honestly think it is nothing short of hubris to run for president when you would would 78 upon assuming the job.  Sure, we all know that amazing 85-year old who “hasn’t lost a step.”  But, you know what– they have.  We’re grading on a curve because the sad truth is that most humans deteriorate pretty significantly by their 80’s.  And there’s no reason to think Biden would be immune.  Sure, if the job were easy and one could just spend the mornings watching cable news and having lots of gold outings, being an octogenarian president shouldn’t be that big of a deal.  But this should be an incredibly demanding job.  And, honestly, one whose demands is beyond the abilities of all but the most unusual 80-something.  So, you know what, maybe Biden could be elected and serve with vigor and energy well into his 80’s and I would be wrong.  But, you know what, human biology and basic statistics say I am far more likely to be wrong.  And, I thus think it shows selfishness and hubris for him to run at this age (same definitely goes for Bernie, by the way).

And, here’s the other problem with Biden being around so long.  He just doesn’t get it.  Good story in the NYT yesterday, “Biden Thinks Trump Is the Problem, Not All Republicans. Other Democrats Disagree.”  Put me, and pretty much every political scientist I know with “other Democrats.”  If only this were a Trump only problem.  No matter how much he wishes/pretends its the case, this is not the 1980s any more:

As Joseph R. Biden Jr. made his way across Iowa on his first trip as a 2020 presidential candidate, the former vice president repeatedly returned to one term — aberration — when he referred to the Trump presidency.

“Limit it to four years,” Mr. Biden pleaded with a ballroom crowd of 600 in the eastern Iowa city of Dubuque. “History will treat this administration’s time as an aberration.”

“This is not the Republican Party,” he added, citing his relationships with “my Republican friends in the House and Senate.”

There is no disagreement among Democrats about the urgency of defeating Mr. Trump. But Mr. Biden’s singular focus on the president as the source of the nation’s ills, while extending an olive branch to Republicans, has exposed a significant fault line in the Democratic primary…

Mr. Biden’s opening pitch as an electable pragmatist who can reach across the aisle has resonated with many Iowa Democrats who are desperate to end Mr. Trump’s presidency.

“I just want to see decency again,” sighed Jimmy Stumpff, who wore a “Make Lies Wrong Again” shirt to Mr. Biden’s event in Cedar Rapids this past week. “I feel Biden’s our best chance to beat Trump — by far.”

John Anzalone, a Democratic pollster who has previously advised Mr. Biden, said it should be no surprise that bipartisan appeals sell, even in a party primary. “Guess what,” he said. “Democratic primary voters agree with the fact that a Democratic president should work with Republicans to get things done.”

“There is this narrative about Democratic primary voters that they’re all about anger and the fight, or principles,” Mr. Anzalone added. “But real voters know one thing: If anything is going to get done to help them, it’ll have to be done across party lines.”

Hmmm.  How did that getting things done across party lines work for Obama?  Sure didn’t get us the ACA.  And things have only gotten worse.  It would be great if we lived in a world where a Democratic president could accomplish policy goals by working with Republicans in Congress.  But anybody (including Biden) who thinks that world is even a remote possibility in 2021 hasn’t been paying attention at all or is purposefully delusional.


About Steve Greene
Professor of Political Science at NC State http://faculty.chass.ncsu.edu/shgreene

One Response to I’m so done with Biden

  1. itchy says:

    Two words: Merrick. Garland.

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