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I really wish Crooked didn’t take so long after they send out the email to publish their newsletter on-line, so, until they do, you’ll have to trust me this is an accurate cut and paste.  But, just wanted to essentially add to my previous post because this is so on target:

Fox News and Democratic debates and stupid journalists

Far and away the most frustrating thing about this is all the “mainstream” journalists berating the Democratic Party in order to show their “neutral,” above-the-fray bona fides, which, Jay Rosen so aptly calls “the view from nowhere.”  In so succinctly shows just how pathological the DC press corps is in their studied “both sides” pseudo neutrality.  Of course, when it comes to “both sides” and one side is lying or acting in bad faith, the liars always win.  Today’s conservative establishment has well figured that out.

First, Greg Sargent:

But a key part of the motivation behind this decision is a recognition that Fox News is fundamentally in the business of spreading disinformation, as opposed to conservative reportage. And the recognition that as such, Fox is at the throbbing core of something that has become a major blight on American political life is correct and important.

Some reporters are complaining that Democrats are passing up a chance to reach voters they might otherwise not reach. One supposes this is at least a possibility. But this complaint, I think, also betrays an unwillingness on the part of many neutral journalists to acknowledge just how bad the disinformation asymmetry of this particular moment has gotten, and just how pernicious Fox’s particular contribution to it has grown.

Indeed, some of the most important revelations in the New Yorker go to this point. Democratic strategist Simon Rosenberg recounts that he quit appearing on Fox, after a run-in with a host persuaded him that the network had mostly given up on treating Democratic surrogates as legitimate debate opponents, in part because such conduct pleased the White House. Rosenberg noted that the White House has become one of Fox’s “masters,” adding: “Fox is no longer conservative — it’s anti-democratic.”

And Margaret Sullivan:

So, yes, Fox News can continue to function as something close to Trump TV. It can go on spreading disinformation.

But everyone ought to see it for what it is: Not a normal news organization with inevitable screw-ups, flaws and commercial interests, which sometimes fail to serve the public interest.

But a shameless propaganda outfit, which makes billions of dollars a year as it chips away at the core democratic values we ought to hold dear: truth, accountability and the rule of law.

So, yeah, Fox News can keep on doing what it’s doing.  It’s a free country… for now.  But we sure as hell don’t need mainstream journalists pretending that Fox is largely a news outlet with a conservative bent in willful defiance of the reality– Fox is a right-wing propaganda machine masquerading as a news organization.

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