(Not) Quick Hits

Sorry.  Really busy this week through Saturday.  But, three quasi-random links to tide you over.

1) Carolina Hurricanes’ Justin Williams just scored a goal with his face.  I can also report that Justin Williams’ second-grade daughter is a great soccer player (especially as a team player) and that her dad is perfectly-behaved on the sideline of games.  Also, I should mention that this is all past tense as great soccer players don’t stick around in rec soccer.

2) Gallup’s Frank Newport, “Americans’ Long-Standing Interest in Taxing the Rich.”

Okay, and two longer ones since you are only getting four today.

3) Terrific review of two new books on race and the transformation of Southern politics.  If you don’t really know the history of this, definitely read this article.

4) I haven’t finished reading this one yet, but my wife really liked this story of hand transplants and other “medical miracles” gone awry.

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7 Responses to (Not) Quick Hits

  1. Mika says:

    #1 My daughter started playing floorball in a proper team last autumn. Hardest part for me is not to shout very detailed instructions when I’m watching their games. They have learned a lot about how to play as a team, the coaches have done a good work. But there’s still so much to learn 🙂

      • Mika says:

        Floorball (salibandy in Finnish) is something like ice hockey played indoors with shorter plastic sticks, very light ball, no skates obviously, and much less tackles. It’s a very popular way to exercise here in Finland. I think it was developed in Sweden 1970’s. It’s a big sport also in Switzerland and Czech.

        It has gone forward a lot in last twenty years, gained popularity, team tactics are at a whole different level than they used to be, not to mention individual player’s skills. Nowadays kids do tricks that we never could imagine.

        Last December Finns won in a World Championships final Sweden, here’s a video of the goals.

      • Steve Greene says:

        Cool! Reminds me of the floor hockey I *loved* playing in elementary school when I was a kid. I want to do this!

      • Mika says:

        I watched some floor hockey videos from youtube and it looks lots alike. I knew there is some floorballing going on in USA so I checked and found a wikipage about United States Floorball Association. I had to stop for a minute because I laughed so hard. The name of the president is Calle Karlsson which is like the most Swedish sounding name ever. Then I noticed “North Carolina” in the page and finally found out that there’s a floorball team in Raleigh 🙂 http://www.trianglefloorballclub.org/index.html

      • Steve Greene says:

        How about that. It’s about 12 minutes from my house. I may be giving this a try!

      • Mika says:

        Internet is making the world smaller and all that but 12 minutes 🙂 🙂 🙂 I doesn’t look like they have too many players. Hopefully the “regulars” are cool and you have fun!

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