(Not) Quick Hits

Sorry.  Really busy this week through Saturday.  But, three quasi-random links to tide you over.

1) Carolina Hurricanes’ Justin Williams just scored a goal with his face.  I can also report that Justin Williams’ second-grade daughter is a great soccer player (especially as a team player) and that her dad is perfectly-behaved on the sideline of games.  Also, I should mention that this is all past tense as great soccer players don’t stick around in rec soccer.

2) Gallup’s Frank Newport, “Americans’ Long-Standing Interest in Taxing the Rich.”

Okay, and two longer ones since you are only getting four today.

3) Terrific review of two new books on race and the transformation of Southern politics.  If you don’t really know the history of this, definitely read this article.

4) I haven’t finished reading this one yet, but my wife really liked this story of hand transplants and other “medical miracles” gone awry.

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