At least the media is focusing on the important stories

Formerly obscure actors fakes attack on himself.  In today’s world, that’s surely up there above all the other stuff going on.  It’s not like we have a criminal with strongly authoritarian tendencies (about the only thing he’s actually strong on) trying to run run the country.  Seriously, raise your hand if you had any idea who Jessie Smollett was before this incident.  Were many a liberal too quick to jump on his fantastical story?  Sure.  But, also, there’s a helluva lot more real hate crimes than made-up ones.

But, mostly, this is an absurd amount of attention to this story.  One of my Media & Politics students today mentioned that maybe, perhaps, we should be hearing more about Trump trying to sell Nuclear technology to the Saudi’s that he shouldn’t.  (Nice summary here).  Of course, if this had been Obama, it would be a huge scandal.  Seriously.  But I think this is clearly a case of scandal fatigue (my take here).  Even I just kind of rolled my eyes when I saw the headlines yesterday.

I wanted to see how Fox was covering Smollett and just… damn.

At least 6 separate stories and a new one featured every time I check back on the website.  Again, for somebody that <1% of Fox news viewers could probably name a month ago.  Also, a search on the misgbegotten nuclear deal at comes up literally empty.

Alas, even the so-called liberal media does not exactly have their priorities in order.

Oh, yeah, and hell, yeah a totally nutso Coast Guard lieutenant wanting to blow up the country and mostly liberals is a bigger story:

‘I am dreaming of a way to kill almost every last person on earth’: A self-proclaimed white nationalist planned a mass terrorist attack, the government says

But, hey, let’s obsess over a clearly mentally unstable actor who faked an attack on himself for media attention.

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