Chart of the day

Making election day a national holiday would not be a turnout panacea, but it would undoubtedly raise turnout by making it easier for lots of people to vote.  Naturally, Mitch McConnell is opposed.

Here’s an interesting chart from Pew on the matter.  I’m actually kind of intrigued by the massive generation gap among Republicans.  In many ways (e.g., climate, LGBT rights), young Republicans are not nearly so bad as their elders.

Older Republicans much less favorable than younger Republicans toward same-day registration



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One Response to Chart of the day

  1. Nicole K. says:

    Thought it’s interesting more than half of democrats favor voter ID requirements. And I must admit that when I was a republican, I was opposed to both same-day registration and an election day holiday. I never made any attempt to deny the fact that my opposition was 100% because I thought that it would result in democrats winning more elections.

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