The future is not good for TV and print newspapers

This Pew FactTank post on the rise of social media and the decline of TV and newspapers was interesting.  I especially liked this graph that breaks news consumption out by generation:

Television dominates as a news source for older Americans

Sure, lots of charts have pretty stark generational differences, but damn, that difference on TV as a source of news.  And, wow, only 2% print newspaper use for young Americans.  And I imagine not many have digital newspaper subscriptions either.

Of course, the problem with studies that refer to “social media” as a news source is that a lot of the news consumed here is actually produced by TV and print newspapers, so I think it always understates the decline of the influence, if not the business model.

The difference between Democrats and Republicans in one headline

Today’s NYT:

After Backlash, Democrats in New Jersey Rethink Redistricting Plans

The proposal was opposed by numerous political factions: Republicans, progressives, nonpartisan pollsters, Gov. Philip D. Murphy, who is a Democrat, and Eric H. Holder Jr., the former attorney general under President Barack Obama who is the current leader of a national group combating gerrymandering.

Meanwhile, where were all the Republican voices against the absurd power grab (now signed into law) in Wisconsin?  Exactly.

Alas, we only have one political party in this country that truly believes in democracy.  The other believes in power. Fortunately, they are a lot of angry old white people (and, racially resentful non-old white people) who will eventually be dying off.  Hopefully, we can keep democracy going till then.

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