Who you are and how’ll you vote

Coolest infographic ever from the Economist?  Love this:

As for a 46 year-old White Christian Man?  Well, if he has a post-graduate degree and lives in an urban area (and is a college professor)…


When is a racist ad not racist

When the Republicans that it is targeted at tell themselves that it’s not.  Let’s be honest, the meaning of “racist” and “racism” is far from settled in common American usage.  I’m totally comfortable calling the latest from the GOP and Trump, totally racist.  Via the Post:

Pinned at the top of President Trump’s Twitter feed Wednesday was a video. The man on the screen has a shaved head and a mustache and long chin hair. Smiling, he announces, “I killed f‐‐‐— cops.”

The man is Luis Bracamontes, a twice-deported Mexican immigrant who was given the death penalty in April for killing two California law enforcement officers in 2014. At the time of the shootings, Bracamontes was in the United States illegally — and now, with the midterm election approaching, he’s the star of the GOP’s latest campaign ad.

“Illegal immigrant, Luis Bracamontes, killed our people!” reads text on the 53-second video, which is filled with audible expletives. “Democrats let him into our country. . . . Democrats let him stay.”

The text is superimposed over videos of Bracamontes appearing to show no remorse for his crimes, and even declaring, “I’m going to kill more cops soon.”

More footage follows: Throngs of unidentified people rioting in unidentified streets and pushing down fences in undisclosed locations. A Fox News Channel correspondent interviewing a man identified only as “deported immigrant in caravan,” who asks to be pardoned for attempted murder.

“Who else would Democrats let in?” the video asks. An image of Bracamontes smiling reappears before being replaced by text, “President Donald Trump and Republicans are making America safe again.”

Uhhh, yeah.  Truly deplorable.  Disgusting.  And to any liberal, “racist.”  That said, if you are a political conservative out there looking at this you might well be saying… well, there’s no clear racial slurs; there’s nothing that says all Hispanics are bad; there’s nothing unfairly judging any particular individual by their skin color… so… not racist.

Obviously, I disagree with this take, but I think part of the problem in American politics today is that you have liberals who see these obvious and transparently racialized appeals and Republicans who take a narrow and literal view of racism and would respond with a variation of “what, we should want to let illegal immigrant cop killers into the country– how is that racist?”

Of course, I think most Americans, even a good number of Republicans see through this kind of appeal for what it is.  And I do like Drum’s take:

 The New York Times describes what’s happening:

If the 2016 election hinged in large part on a rightward shift among working-class whites who deserted Democrats in the presidential race, Tuesday’s House election may turn on an equally significant and opposite force: a generational break with Republicanism among educated, wealthier whites — especially women — who generally like the party’s pro-business policies but recoil from strident, divisive language on race and gender.

Rather than seeking to coax voters like these back into the Republican coalition, Mr. Trump appears to have all but written them off, spending the final days of the campaign delivering a scorching message about preoccupations like birthright citizenship and a migrant “invasion” from Mexico that these voters see through as alarmist.

These aren’t dog whistles anymore, they’re just straight-up racist messages that are aimed directly at Trump’s working-class white base. And that’s Trump’s problem. He’s now had to turn the volume up so far that even the center-right suburban voters who held their noses and voted for him in 2016 can’t do it anymore. They can’t pretend they don’t see it. And because no one in the Republican Party dares to criticize Trump, he’s dragging the whole party down with him. Republicans are now the party of white racism, full stop.

Sadly, they’re still going to get a lot of votes. But common decency, which took a vacation in 2016, is finally going to win on Tuesday. Trump is making sure of it.

Well, I guess we’ll find out a lot on Tuesday of what Americans truly do think of this crap.


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