Republicans for socialized medicine!

This from Sarah Kliff is awesome, “White House anti-socialism report inadvertently makes a case for single-payer: The Trump administration says this chart is a case against single-payer. Actually, it’s a case for it.”

Earlier today, the White House released a paper titled “The Opportunity Costs of Socialism.” Weirdly, it contains a chart that actually makes a pretty decent argument for single-payer health care.

The chart compares wait times for seniors in countries like Canada, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and the United States. It purports to show that seniors in single-payer countries wait much longer than those here in the United States…

It all looks pretty clear cut: Places like Canada and Norway have long wait times in their single-payer systems, whereas we here in the United States have very short wait times.

Except, here’s the key thing it leaves out: America’s seniors are essentially in a single-payer systemThe vast majority of Americans over 65 get coverage through Medicare, a government-run health care plan. [emphasis mine]

Ezra follows up with a nice twitter thread of the foolishness of judging a health system primarily by wait times (usually a dead give away that somebody just knows talking points and doesn’t really understand health care policy):


The voter fraud fraud, NC Edition

Damn these Republicans will stop at nothing to suppress the vote and make outrageous bad faith claims about voter fraud in doing so.  WRAL’s Laura Leslie on the goings-on from our hard-right Lieutenant Governor:

 Lt. Gov. Dan Forest released a video last week with step-by-step instructions for “organized groups” to commit voter impersonation, a felony in North Carolina.

Forest, a Republican, is not up for election this fall – his second term runs through 2020. However, he has been a strong proponent of requiring voters to show a photo identification at the polls, and a proposal that would write voter ID into the state constitution is on the ballot.

The video, titled Voter Fraud 101, was promoted on Facebook and paid for by the NC Republican Council of State Committee, a political action committee chaired by Forest and largely funded by Greg Lindberg, a major political donor currently under federal investigation.

Although Facebook doesn’t release targeting information in its online ad archive, data from ProPublica’s Facebook Political Ad Collector shows that some of those targets included North Carolinians interested in President Donald Trump.

“Committing voter fraud is easy in our state,” Forest says to the camera in the two-minute video. “Just for fun, here’s one way an organized group could commit voter fraud in North Carolina.”

In the slickly produced animated video, Forest goes on to describe an elaborate process by which a group could scrape the names, addresses and voting status of infrequent voters before Election Day, then go to their polling places, claim to be those voters, which is a crime under state law, and cast fraudulent ballots…

North Carolina Republican Party director Dallas Woodhouse defended the video as part of his party’s educational outreach on the need for a voter photo ID amendment.

“This is simply laying out for the public what is already known by those inclined to cheat,” Woodhouse told WRAL News. “Honest voters do not see a PSA explaining exactly how our system has faults and then decide to become a criminal. And the criminals already know this.”

“It’s one reason we are pushing many of our traditional Election Day voters to vote early,” Woodhouse added. “For their protection.”

Of course, when it comes to bad faith political arguments, you could probably have a photo of Woodhouse next to a definition.  Anyway, WRAL does give us the reality that Republican intentionally try and deceive us about:

An audit of the 2016 election conducted last year by the state elections board found only two cases of voter impersonation out of millions of votes cast. In both cases, the voters cast absentee ballots on behalf of a family member. No charges were filed.

The audit found that all the other cases of suspected voter impersonation in 2016 turned out to be the result of clerical errors by elections workers. [emphasis mine]

The only voter fraud going on is the massive fraud being perpetrated by the Republican Party and their media enablers about virtually non-existent voter fraud.

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