It really is the party of Trump

The latest from Gallup begins with the fairly dramatic headline, “Republican Party Favorability Highest in Seven Years.”  What?!  You might think.  I thought– well, I guess this is Republicans approving now that there party is actually in charge.  And, survey says… yes:

Republican Party Gains Ground Among Those With Republican Views
Percent with favorable view of each party, September 2017 and September 2018
Republican Party Democratic Party
Sep 2017 Sep 2018 Sep 2017 Sep 2018
% % % %
All adults 36 45 44 44
Party ID
Republicans plus leaners 67 85 13 11
Democrats plus leaners 10 10 80 80
Men 37 50 40 41
Women 35 40 49 48

While Republicans have become significantly more positive about their party over the past year, Democrats’ views of the Republican Party and their own Democratic Party have essentially not changed.

Short version: The GOP is the party of Trump.  The vast majority of Republicans in the electorate have chosen to embrace a political party that if not overtly ethnonationalist and authoritarian supports a leader who indisputably embodies those traits.  I don’t care how much you just want your tax cut.  Republicans own this anti-democratic awfulness.

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