Chart of the day

I tend to resist the “oh, the kids today!” complaints, and I think the perils of kids and their phones can be overblown, but… I think this chart is… not good.  Via Axios:

I don’t think texting and other technologically-aided communication is in and of itself a bad thing, but if it displacing face-to-face, in-person communication, than it almost surely is.  Now, this doesn’t specify actual usage, but “preferred” communication, but still, humans are evolved to form social bonds through face-to-face communication and today’s teenagers (and adults) ignore this at their peril.

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3 Responses to Chart of the day

  1. Nicole K. says:

    I know that 90% of the communication with my parents for the last couple years has been almost completely over Google Hangouts messages. There are certain times that I will still call them (for example when I was freaking out in a pharmacy parking lot after finding out that I apparently no longer had health insurance) but for things that are not as serious, text messages are a way more convenient and less time consuming method of staying in touch.

  2. ohwilleke says:

    So, question is, will we see a dramatic decline in infectious diseases in this demographic due to their reduced in person social interaction?

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