Meanwhile, in Fox News world

I did wonder what Fox is making of yesterday.  Here’s their lead story:

Because I see Fox in the gym I was already vaguely aware of “missing white girl.”  How utterly perfect for them that it appears to be an illegal immigrant responsible for the murder.

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2 Responses to Meanwhile, in Fox News world

  1. Nicole K. says:

    Tonight in my PA 510, Public Institutions and Values class the theme seemed to center around making sure we were aware that the general public, politicians, and media all think people that work for the government are some combination of lazy, corrupt, stupid, wasteful, incompetent, etc. To make his point, my professor showed us some vintage John Stossel from his pre-Fox days when he did “consumer information specials” for ABC that were basically a libertarian propaganda hard sell.

    Watching him present worst case anecdotal mistakes as the status quo for the government contrasted with how the private sector is always perfect reminded me that he was doing Fox News before Fox News was doing Fox News, and he was aired on ABC in prime time. At least he’s now doing his thing on Fox where it’s expected and appreciated. So perhaps that’s one benefit of having conservative news channels. The regular news no longer feels compelled to put on people like Stossel nearly as often since people can just watch Fox for that type of thing.

    • Steve Greene says:

      Huh– interesting insight. Also, that is a pet peeve of mine… private corporations can be fantastically stupid, but that just isn’t the narrative the way it is with government.

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