0 for 3 on health care

The N&O ran an article on what “influencers” in NC think about health care policy.  Among those that struck me was Art Pope’s response (Pope is basically NC’s very own Koch brother):

“Citizens are not entitled to ‘universal’ or ‘free’ health care, which means health care provided by a government monopoly and paid for by others,” wrote survey respondent Art Pope, the former budget director under Republican Gov. Pat McCrory. “Just as importantly, even good faith attempts to provide ‘universal health care,’ result in government run health care that is rationed, of poorer quality and more costly. [emphasis mine]

Pope– perhaps the most influential Republican in the whole state is simply wrong, wrong, and wrong.

First, of all, health care everywhere is rationed.  It’s not an unlimited resource.  What is different about America is that it is rationed by your income level and basic ability to pay in a way that it is not in other modern democracies.  Secondly, it is decidedly not of poorer quality in countries with universal care.  In fact, in terms of mortality amenable to health care, the U.S. does quite poorly.  Thirdly, and costly?  What the hell‽  We pay more for health care than anybody.  And we cover fewer people and do it less well.

Of course, Pope is not alone in being amazingly, appallingly wrong on all this.  This is mainstream GOP talking points.  It’s unclear though whether educated partisans like Pope are simply hugely self-delusional or hugely mendacious.  Neither choice is great.  Either way, it would be awesome of Republicans stopped lying about health care.

Photo of the day

Osprey nest in front of my sister’s aforementioned house on the Potomac (technically, Mattox Creek, which feeds into the Potomac).

Photos by me.  Taken from a kayak.

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