The best people and the worst people

Yesterday, I was listening to an excellent recent This American Life episode, largely about ICE, and was especially taken by the story of two hard-working, brave, undocumented immigrants from Guatemala who put their American lives at risk to work with an ICE agent and bring down an evil woman defrauding similar immigrants of hundreds of thousands of dollars.  The two brothers in the story were both hard-working men who had built successful lives for themselves and families in America.  And they were brave enough to risk what they had worked for to do what’s right.  I couldn’t help but think, these really are the “best people.”  How much better our country would be if it were filled with people like these brothers and the thoughtful Homeland Security Investigations agent who worked with them.  The worst people?  Donald Trump, Jeff Sessions, and their truly deplorable supporters, who just seem brown-skinned, native Spanish speakers and want to send them “back where they belong.”

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